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    You can make money if you don't spend money on what game you play


    Sep 23, 2022
    One thought on “You can make money if you don't spend money on what game you play”
    1. Mainly:
      1, entrepreneurial life.
      This is a type of mobile game. Players will play a business player to continue to grow and stronger by buying land, upgrading buildings, acquisitions companies, recruiting employees, etc., becoming a generation of commercial elite Essence As a shopping mall operating strategy game, the way to make money is naturally related to this. Players can get a shop to the highest level, and they can get a reward of 1-200 yuan random red envelope amount. The nature of the store is different, the difficulty of upgrading is different, and the amount of red envelopes that can be received is naturally different. For example, small shops such as breakfast shops, fast food restaurants, stationery stores, etc., the highest level of the level is also 20 levels. Of course, it is much simpler to upgrade. The amount of red envelopes is naturally smaller, which is about 1 or 2 yuan. And large-scale buildings such as shopping malls, large shopping malls, libraries, etc., the upper limit of the level can reach 80. The difficulty of upgrading can naturally be imagined. The larger the amount of red envelopes, the larger the amount about. It is recommended to give priority to the development of small shops and selectively develop large buildings, so that such benefits can maximize.
      2, crazy disappearance.
      , as the name suggests, the gameplay of this game does not need to make too much explanation, which is a game that eliminates the type of breakthrough, but it is different from the elimination game on the market. The props and skin in the crazy elimination do not need to spend money. They can be obtained by participating in the game, or they are purchased by the game gold coins. In addition, you can also get red envelope rewards for participating in the barrier. When you clear a certain amount, you can earn the corresponding red envelope reward. For example, when the number of levels of breakthroughs reaches 15 levels, you can get a 1.5 yuan red envelope reward; when the number of you break through 40 levels, you can get 2.69 yuan red envelope and so on. Therefore, what the player needs to do is to quickly break through the barrier, and the appropriate use of game props, such as eliminating bombs, blasting hammers, quickly clearing waves, etc., can make you more effective.
      3, pet elf red envelope version.
      Ploves are the childhood memories of many friends, even if they are playing now, they can't bear it. And this red envelope version of the pet elf, whether the gameplay and the picture have fully restored the classics, the only difference is to increase the gameplay of red envelopes. If you want to earn red envelopes, you need to continue to capture pets. When capturing pet elves, the red envelope reward will be randomly exploded. And this explosion rate depends on the elves category in your pet bank. The more elven categories, the greater the chance of the red envelope. In other words, you can collect pet elves and earn red envelope rewards. There are still a lot of rewards, basically between 2-5 yuan.

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