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    What trading platform to sell the game account is not recovered?


    Sep 23, 2022
    One thought on “What trading platform to sell the game account is not recovered?”
    1. Good game account sales platforms are: DD373, UU898, trading cats.
      1, DD373
      DD373 was established in 2010. It is an e -commerce website that provides online game transactions and digital product transactions. It mainly provides online game props, online game accounts, digital dot cards and other transaction services. There are more than one million registered users, and DD373 has more than a thousand new users registered every day, with broad development prospects.
      2, UU898
      uu898 (Youyou Game Service Network) was established in 2008. It is an e -commerce website specializing in virtual items such as online game equipment, accounts, gold coins, and dot cards. For more than 10,000 people,
      UU898 In addition to the guarantee transactions, consignment transactions, and online card cards such as the traditional trading platform, the first trading model of buying a transaction is founded. At the same time as its own needs, sellers in online games can get specific market information from the purchase information as a reference, thereby reducing investment risks.
      3, trading cats
      trading cats are mobile game trading platforms, players can trade game coins, props and account numbers. After the official launch operation on July 6, 2013, it mainly provides game coins, equipment, account numbers and other game trading services for popular mobile online games. The transaction content can cover mainstream mobile phone operating systems such as domestic iOS, Android, and UC, 360 and 91 and other games. Channel login account.
      The trading platform Note
      1. Finding the official website of this trading platform and viewing the various information of the official website. You can still find it, then it depends on those information on the official website! Whether the website is drawn at the bottom of the website is on the national Internet security platform, there are some qualifications for the record and certified website.
      2. Whether the registration is registered when registration is registered. If this platform only needs you to make a simple mobile verification, you can log in to the registration. If you do n’t need any identity card information, then the first step is not credible to start the platform. , The two parties do not need identity verification to trade thousands of game accounts directly. No one dares to put it! But unreliable platforms dare.
      3. During the transaction process, the trading platform will provide some guarantee services. Now all trading platforms will provide the packaging and compensation service, but the general time limit is only one or three months. The platform does not provide follow -up services. In fact, it is not guaranteed for buyers and sellers, but you can choose some of the game trading platforms that promises for a lifetime package to find and pay. If there is a problem with subsequent transactions solve.

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