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    Simple speaking of English


    Sep 23, 2022
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    1. 1. I see. I understand.

      2. I quit! I don't do it!

      3. Let go! Let it go!

      4. Me too.

      5. My God! God!

      6. No way! No!

      7. COME on. Come on (Hurry)

      8. Hold on. Wait for.

      9. I agree. I agree.

      10. NOT BAD. not bad.

      11. Not yet. not yet.

      12. See you. goodbye.

      13. Shut up! Shut your mouth!

      14. So long. goodbye.

      15. Why not? Okay! (Why not?)

      16. let me.

      17. Be quiet! Quietly!

      18. Cheer up! Check it!

      19. Good job!
      20. have fun!

      21. How much?

      22. IM Full. I am full.

      23. IM Home. I am back.

      24. Im Lost. I'm lost.

      25. My time. I treat.

      26. So do i. me too.

      27. This way. this way please.

      28. After you you. you first.

      29. Bless you! Bless you!

      30. Follow me. follow me.

      31. Forget it! Take a look! (Forget it!)

      32. Good Luck! Good luck!


      34. I promise. I promise.

      35. Of course! Of course!

      36. Slow down! Slowly!

      37. Take care! Take care!

      38. THEY Hurt. (Wound) Pain.

      39. try again.

      40. Watch out! Be careful.

      41. Whats up? Is there anything?

      42. Be careful! Note!

      43. Bottoms up! R n
      44. Dont Move! Do not move!

      45. Guess what? Guess?


      47. I think so. I think so.

      48. Im Single. I'm single.

      49. Keep it up! Keep it!

      50. Let me see. Let me think about it.

      51. NEVER MIND. It doesn't matter.

      52. No problem! No problem!

      53. Thats all! That's it!

      54. Time is up. Time is coming.

      55. Whats new? Is there anything new?


      57. DONT WORRY. don’t worry.

      58. Feel better? Is it better?

      59. I love you! I love you!

      60. IM His Fan. I am his fans.

      61. Is it your? Is this yours?

      62. Thats neat. This is good.

      63. Are you Sure? Are you sure?

      64. Do you do it?

      65. He is my age. He is the same age as me.

      66. Here you are. Give you.

      67. No One Knows. No one knows.

      68. Take it easy. take it easy.

      69. What a imp! Be careful!
      n72. Do me a favor? You're welcome.

      74. Im on a diet. I am on a diet.

      75. Keep in Touch. Keep in touch.

      76. Time is Money. time is money.

      77. WhoS calling?

      78. You did right. You do it right.

      79. You set me up! You betray me!

      80. Can I help you? Can I help you?

      81. I wish you happily!

      82. Excuse me, Sir. Sir, I'm sorry.

      83. Give me a hand! Help me!

      84. Hows it going? How about?

      85. I have no clue.

      86. I just made it! I did it!

      87. Ill see to it I will pay attention.

      88. IM in a Hurry! I am in a hurry!

      89. ITS Her Field. This is her bank.

      90. Its up to you. it's up to you.

      91. Just wonderful! It's great!

      92. What about you?

      93. You owe me alone.

      94. Youre welcome. You're welcome.

      95. Every day, every day

      96. Are you kidding? You are kidding!

      97. Congratulations!

      98. I can't help it.

      99. I dont mean it. I am not intentional.

      100. Ill fix you up. I will help you to play

      101. It sounds great!. Sounds good.

      102. ITS a Fine Day. Today is a good day.

      103. So far, so good. It's not bad.

      104. What time is it? One!

      107. He came by Train. He came by train.

      108. He is Ill in Bed. He was sick in bed.

      109. He lacks count. He lacks courage.

      110. Hows? Everything is okay?

      111. I have no choice.

      112. I like Ice-Cream. I like to eat ice cream.

      113. I love this game. I love this sport.

      114. Ill try my best. I do my best.

      115. Im on your size. I fully support you.

      116. Long time no see! I have no seen for a long time!

      117. No Pain, no gain. No pain, no gain.

      118. Well, it depends, it depends on the situation.

      119. We all agree.

      120. What a good deal! Really cheap!

      121. What should I do? What should I do?

      122. You asked for it! You can eat hard!

      123. You have my word. I promise.

      124. Believe it or not! Believe it or not!

      125. Don't expect me.

      126. DONT FALL for it! Don't be fooled!

      127. do not let me down.

      128. Easy Come Easy Go. It's easy to come and go fast.

      129. please forgive me.

      130. I beg your Pardon? Please say it again (I didn't hear it clearly).

      131. Ill be back soon. I'll be right back.

      132. Ill check it out. Let me check it out.

      133. It ’s a long story. Speaking long.

      134. It ’s sunday today. Today is Sunday.

      135. Just wait and see! Wait for it!

      136. Make a decision.

      137. Thats all I need. I want these.

      138. The view is great. How beautiful the scenery!

      139. The Wall has ears. There are ears on the wall.

      140. The car is here.

      141. What day is today? What a few this week?

      142. What do you think? How do you think?

      143. Who Told you that? Who tells you?

      144. Whos kicking off? I support Yes, I think so too.

      146. You Cant Miss It can definitely find it.

      147. Any messages for me? Do you have any message with me?

      148. Don't be humble.

      149. DONT GIVE Me that! Less this set!

      150. He is a sart boy. He is a little ghost.

      151. He is just a child. He is just a child.

      152. Icant follow you. I don't understand what you said.

      153. I felt sort of Ill. I feel a little uncomfortable.

      154. I have a good IDEA! I have a good idea.

      155. It is growing cool. The weather gradually became cool.

      156. It seems all right. It seems that this is okay.

      157. ITS Going too far. Too outrageous.

      158. May I use your pen? Can I use your pen?

      159. She suffered a heavy cold.

      160. Thats a good IDEA. This idea is really good.

      161. Bai busy.

      162. What does she like? What do she like?

      163. As soon as postible! Fast the better!
      164. He can hardly speak .. He could hardly speak.

      165. He always talks big. He always brags.

      166. He won an election. He won in the election.

      167. I am a football fan.

      168. If only I can fly. If I can fly.

      169. Ill be right there. I will arrive soon.

      170. Ill see you at six. I will see you at six o'clock.

      171. Is it really or false? Is this right or wrong?

      172. Just read it for me. I listened to me.

      173. knowledge is power.

      174. Move out of my way! Let it open!

      175. Time is running out. Time is running out.

      176. We are good friends. we are good friends.

      177. Whats your triety? Where are you uncomfortable?

      178. You did fairly well! You do it well 1
      n179. man. People want clothes.

      180. DID You Miss The Bus? Are you missing the bus?

      181. Dont Lose your head. Don't panic.

      182. He cant take a Joke. He couldn't make a joke.

      183. Heopes my uncle $ 100. He owed my uncle $ 100.

      184. How are things going? IT. I know everything about it.

      187. It really takes time. This is too delayed.

      188. ITS AGainst The Law. This is illegal.

      189. Love me, love my dog. (Proverb) Love House and Wu.

      190. I want to drool.

      191. Speak Louder, Please. Please speak loudly.

      192. This boy has no job.

      193. This house is my own. This house is my own.

      194. What happy to you? What happened to you?

      195. You are just in time.

      196. You need to workout. You need to exercise.

      197. Your hand feels color. Your hands are cold. Essence

      198. Dont be so childish. Don't be so childish.

      199. DONT TRUST to CHANCE! Do not touch luck.

      200. FASTEN Your Seat Belt. fasten your seat belt.

      up at six oclock. I got up at six o'clock.
      252. I saw the boss himself.

      253. I owe you for my dinner.

      254. I played very happily.

      255. IM fed up with my work! I am annoyed by work!

      256. Its no user.

      257. Shes Under the Weather. She is in a bad mood.

      258. The Child Sobbed Sadly. The child sobbed sadly.

      259. The Rumor Had No Basis. There is no rumor.

      260. They plansed hm high highly. They praised him greatly.

      261. Winter is a color season. Winter is one, cold season.

      262. You can call me any time. You can call me at any time.

      263. 15 divided by3 equals 5. 15 Except 3 equal to 5.

      264. All for one, one for all. I am everyone, everyone is me.

      265. East, West, Home is Best. Golden nest, Yinwo, not as good as your grass nest.

      266. He graspd both my hands. He held my hands tightly.

      267. He is mature. He has a mature body.

      268. I am so sorry about this. I am very sorry for this.

      269. I can't afford a new car.

      270. I really want to see him now.

      271. I have the right to know. I have the right to know.

      272. I heard some one laughing. I heard someone laughing.

      273. I think you often dance.

      274. I passed through the park.

      275. Ill just play it by ear. I will randomly respond.

      276. Im Not Sure I can do it. I'm afraid I can't do this.

      277. Im not used to drinking. I'm not used to drinking.

      278. Is the cut Still Painful? Is the wound still painful?

      279. Its too good to be true!

      280. Zhen is a blue -eyed girl.

      281. Let's not waste time.

      282. May I ask some questions? Can I ask a few questions?

      283. Money is not. Money is not everything.

      284. Neither of the men spoke. None of the two had said.

      285. stop fighting.

      286. That Makes NO. There is no difference.

      287. The price is reasonable.

      288. They crowned him king. They embraced him as the king.

      289. Theyre in red and whit. They wear red and white clothes.

      290. We all desire happiness. We all want to be happy.

      291. We just caught the plane we just caught up with the plane.

      292. What shall we do tonight? What do we do tonight?
      294. When was the house built? When is this house built?

      295. Why did you stay at home? Why stay at home?

      296. Would you like some help? Do you need help?

      297. You must aim too high, you must not be high.

      298. Youre really killing me! I really laughed at me!

      299. Youve get a point there. You make sense.

      300. Being is awful! It is really painful to be criticized

      301. Did you enter the contest? Have you participated in the game?
      n302. Do you Accept Credit Cards? Do you accept the credit card?

      303. Don't regret unusually.

      304. Don't let the opportunity go away from us.

      305. HE Owned Himset Defeated. He admits that he has failed.

      306. He seems at little nervous. He seemed a little nervous.

      307. He Strolls About the Town. He was around in the town.

      308. Her tooth ached all night.

      309. How about a drink tonight? How to drink a cup tonight?

      310. I can do nothing but that.

      311. I get hold of you at last. I finally found you.

      312. I have a Surprise for you. I have an unexpected thing for you.

      313. I like all kinds of fruits.

      314. I saw it with my own eyes.

      315. I will arrange everything.

      316. I really want to know my neighbors.

      317. I would like to check out. I want to check out.

      318. It has be come much cooler. The weather has become more cool.

      319. ITS TIME You I want to Bed. You should have been sleeping long ago.

      320. No spitting on the Street. Forbidden to spit on the street.

      321. She was totally exhausted. She was exhausted.

      322. Show your tickets, please. Your ticket please.

      323. Thank you for your advice. Thanks for your advice.

      324. Thats the latest fashion. This is the most popular style.

      325. The Train Arrived On Time. The train arrives on time.

      326. There go the house lights. The lights of the theater were extinguished.

      327. They are paid by the house. They pay on time.

      328. Things are getting ball. The situation is getting better.

      329. Wake Me up at Five Thirty. Please wake me up at 5:30.

      330. We are all busy with work. We are all busy working.

      331. Where do you want to meet? Where do you want to meet?

      332. You can get what you want. You can get what you want.

      333. A Barking Dog Doesnt Bite!

      334. Are you free this saturday? Do you have time this Saturday?

      335. Be careful not to get sick.

      336. Being a mother is not easy. It is not easy to be a mother.

      337. Brevity is the sound of wit. Simplicity is the essence of wisdom.

      338. CANCER is a Deadly Disease. Cancer is a fatal disease.

      339. Do you figh with other? Did you fight with others again?

      340. Do not virtue of time.

      341. DONT Keep Me Waiting Long. Don't let me wait too long.

      342. He has a memory. He has amazing memory.

      343. He has completed the task. He completed this task.

      344. He has quite a feet friends. He has a lot of friends.

      345. He is capable of any crime. He can do whatever bad things.

      346. HE Walks with a Quick Pace. He walked quickly.

      347. He was not a little tired. He is tired.

      348. His looks are always funny. He always looks funny.

      349. How about going to a movie? How about watching the movie?

      350. I think I have a cold.

      351. I was taking care of sally. I'm taking care of Sally.

      352. I wish I lived in newyork. I hope to live in New York.

      353. Im Very Glad to hear that. I am glad to listen to you.

      354. Im Your Lucky Fellow. I am your lucky dance!
      356. No littering on the campus. It is not allowed to lose waste on campus.

      357. She is a good-loging girl. She is a beautiful girl.

      358. She Mended the Broken Doll. She repaired the broken doll.

      359. Then I only take what I need.

      360. Spring is a pretty season, spring is a good season.

      361. The Figure Seems all right. The number looks right.

      362. The stars are too far away. The stars are too far away.

      363. The who world knows that. The whole world knows.

      364. TOMORROW Will be a Holiday. Tomorrow holiday.

      365. We walked on the garden path.

      366. What you need is just rest. What you need is rest.

      367. Whats your favorite steps? What do you like the most?

      368. YOUD Better Let Her Alone. You'd better let her stay alone.

      369. The opportunity to miss will never come again.

      370. DONT let this get you down. Don't be discouraged for this.

      371. He shot the lion with a gun. He killed the lion with a gun.

      372. I think you are wrong.

      373. I have never seen the movie. I have never seen that movie.

      374. I haven't seen you for a long time.

      375. I was alone, but not lonely. I am alone, but I don't feel lonely.

      376. I went there three days ago.

      377. ITS A Friendly. This is a friendly match.

      378. Its very of you. You want to be really thoughtful.

      379. May I speak to live, please? Can I talk to Laura?

      380. Mr. Wang is repairing his bicycle.

      381. My Brother is see king a job. My brother is looking for a job.

      382. Nancy Will Retire Next year. Nanxi will retire next year.

      383. Neither you nor is wrong. You are right, he is right.

      384. Now or never.

      385. She Dressed Herself Hastily. She hurriedly put on clothes.

      386. She hired a car by the house. She rented a car at an hour's point.

      387. Someone is raing the belL. Someone is holding the doorbell.

      388. The smiths are my neighbors. The Smith family is my neighbor.

      389. These shoyes dont fit right. These shoes are not suitable.

      390. This is only the first half. This is the first half.

      391. This a pen doesnt well. This pen is not easy to write.

      392. Would you like a cup of tea? Do you want to drink a cup of tea?

      393. You really look sharp today. You are so beautiful today.

      394. Another cat came to my house. Another cat came to my house.

      395. Check your answers with mine. Try your answer with me.

      396. DONT Keep The Truth from Me. Don't hide my facts.

      397. Has its beginning. Everything has the beginning.

      398. He came to the point at once. He suddenly said on the idea.

      399. He fell behind with his work. He is behind his work. 401. He Neither Smokes Nor Drinks. He neither smoke nor drink.

      402. He ran his his up the hill. He ran to the hill.

      403. He reminds me of his briefs. He reminds me of his brother.

      404. He was efficient in his work. He has high work efficiency.

      405. He Will Do Anything But Work. As long as he is not working, he can do anything.

      406. HIS FATHER RUNS A. His father runs a restaurant.

      407. I have something to tell you.

      408. I smelled the taste of cooking vegetables.

      409. I really want to watch it again.

      410. Ive get too much work to do. I have to do too much work.

      411. Lets go for a walk, shall we? Let's go out, okay?

      412. Let me check my bills.

      413. Pelly of sleep is healthful. Successful sleep is good for health.

      414. The Sun Comes Up in the East. The sun rises from the east.

      415. This is becape we feel pain. This is because we can feel pain.

      416. What do you designire me to do? What do you want me to do?

      417. What you said was quite true.

      418. You can either stay or leave. You may leave or leave.

      419. Your life is your own affair. Your life is your own business.

      420. All that glitters is not get. Flashing is not all gold.

      421. Are you going to have a party? Do you want to hold a party? n423. DONT FORGET to Keep in Touch. Don't forget to keep in touch.

      424. He broke his wordS once Again. He violated his promise again.

      425. He is in his everyday Clothes. He wore ordinary clothes.

      426. He is taller than I by ahead. He is a taller than me.

      427. HE LED Them Download. He took them down the mountain.

      428. He was trained to be a lawyer. He was trained as a lawyer.

      429. I am afraid that l have to go. I gotta go.

      430. I didn't bring cash on me.

      431. I have ben putting on weight. I started to get fat.

      432. I have just finished the book. I just read this book.

      433. I was Late for Work YesterDay, I was late at work yesterday.

      434. It appars to be a true story. This story seems to be true.

      435. Ive get to start working out. I have to start fitness.

      436. japan is to the easy of China. Japan in the eastern part of China.

      437. John Asked Grace to Marry Him, John proposed to Grace.

      438. My watch is faster than your. My watch is faster than your watch.

      439. New China was found in L949. The New China was established in 1949.

      440. Thanks for your me. Thank you for your praise.

      441. They charged the fault on him. They blamed for him.

      442. This car is in good condition. This car is very good.

      443. This work itself is very easy easy This job itself is easy.

      444. Truth is the daugy of time. See the truth in time.

      445. We look forward to your visit. We are looking forward to your visit.

      446. What do you think of this one? How do you think this is like

      447. Whats the weather like to day? N too much! Choose the back of interest!

    2. ExcUse ME: I am sorry for the disturbance (trouble for others)
      i beg your Pardon: Please talk about it again
      im sorry: (I didn't hear clearly) What do you say?
      may I comeing? : Can I go in?

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