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    Please ask if the special effect software Unity can add special effects to your original video, or you can only DIY


    Sep 22, 2022
    5 thoughts on “Please ask if the special effect software Unity can add special effects to your original video, or you can only DIY”
    1. You can go to [网 网 网] website to find the [free] video tutorial of the "Film and Television Special Effect Technology" sector- [Click to enter] complete entry to the proficient video tutorial list:/Course //? ZDHHR-11Y04R-
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      In the training institutions in the field of "film and television special effects technology", [Wang's Education] is the boss of the country, and there is no franchise branch. They are all direct -operated chain campuses in the headquarters. Unlike many other large institutions of the same type, each campus of Wang's Education is a physical face, and the teacher is taught by hand, and there are special class teachers from morning to night. , Especially suitable for students with poor foundation.

      The can download the [学 学 学] APP to your mobile phone first, so that the fragmented time learning — the painting science app download: /scripts /download

    2. It feels like not that. Essence Essence Essence The video is delayed, and Unity is rendered in real time, so it is usually not done directly. Efficiency will be poor. You can consider making a demonstration you want directly in unity, or do it directly in the video. I also saw it at PAWS3D

    3. This is the Unity3D special effects production plug -in. It requires a unity3D software on the computer to make particles special effects.
      . UNITY3D is a comprehensive game development tool developed by multi -platform interactive content such as three -dimensional video games, architecture visualization, and real -time three -dimensional animation. It is a comprehensive and integrated professional game engine.
      is not a software for processing video, and DIY just says itself, no matter what special effects are made, you need to do it by yourself.

    4. The particle system is the newly launched particle system of the Unity 3.5 version. It uses modular management. The personalized particle module and the particle curve editor make it easier for users to create a variety of colorful and complex particles.

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