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    It is very common but not familiar with English


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    1. English
      Introduction: You may often see or hear some vocabulary, and the appearance rate is very high, but every time you feel that it is not important, it is not verified, so it is a new word. The following is the common English that I have collected and sorted out but not well known. Welcome to refer to!

      love child illegitimate children
      for the generation of the collapsed
      Badger Game Beauty
      SCENE STEALER grabbing the camera
      Hooligan Afei, football hooligan
      reneated offered
      double agent R N Box News Caliber News
      Screen agers Children who watched TV and played on TV all day
      june-deCember Wedding. Rap the day 2.29/year 366
      maid of Orleans virgin Jeanne
      narrow squeak nine dead risk
      ninja turtle turtle

      The new faculty
      Rat race fierce competition
      Red-light district red light district
      Short fuse's irritable temper
      Soft-sop offer
      silent anonymous anonymous Donation
      Silly Money
      Silver Screen screen, the film industry
      Summer complaint in summer, diarrhea
      th -Rate, etc. /Lateral Thinking vertical, horizontal thinking
      Wide-body work
      whereel of life R N Paparazzi paparazzi
      show people
      Bearish market decline
      Bullish market rising
      STAT PRISONER political prisoner
      stationaway crosses, passengers who evacuate
      Impostor liar
      ICJ Court of Justice International Court
      Espionage spy spy activity
      LIFER professional soldiers
      n off Limits Military Forbidden Zone
      Q-Boat camouflage as a merchant ship or fishing boat
      Riot Corps riot force
      Standing Army Routine Army
      Sniper sniper n Bermuda Triangle Bermuma Da University Triangle
      Brain Drain Brain Talent
      BRAWN DRAIN Labor Outflow
      Break-Dancing Perak Dance N French Windows Floor Channel
      Funeral Home Funeral Hall N TAILLIGHT rear lights r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r
      VISITING Team's visiting team
      Runner-up runner-up
      Black referee black whistle n foul play foul action
      stannding broad jump Children's preschool education
      Thiz Kid Prodigy
      Newsbreak Important News
      Needle Trade clothing industry
      Massage Parlour Hanging Massage Brand
      Moonlight as a verb. Occupation
      Mixed Marriage Alien Marriage
      Moon ROOF car's top window
      Egghead's contempt of intellectuals
      Dog days in the cool summer period, Futian
      connoisseur n r n box o FFICE box office
      women's puppets
      bee (beauty) gathering for mutual assistance
      bigtime is extremely red, well -known
      Bank of issued bank
      BIG Stick Block Policy
      Oxbridge Oxford and Cambridge University
      Comprehensive University
      CDV Compact Video DISC Laser CD
      Beeper BP Machine
      Exclusion Exclusive News N Divorcee Li Li Li Married person
      Worker temporary workers
      Eden Eden
      bandwagon see the wind to make rudder
      SAPPHIRE sapphire
      scrap petra n obituary supplement
      Hangover hangover
      Full full scholarship
      stone-cold fox iceberg beauty
      Brain trust ** Elite
      All-EXPENSE TOUR Self-funded Tour
      Bard-OF-Avon Evan River poet, Shakespeare's nicknames
      n Street advertising leaflet
      anti -abortion
      backwater dead water, dead and heavy place
      intercom intercom, closed -circuit communication devices
      in vitro fertilization, test tube fertilization n snake hundred snakes n R N Laser Surgery Laser Surgery
      Intercept interceptor
      bombing bombardment
      tommy gun (beauty) assault rifle n strafe scan, violent shell
      supersbomb hydrogen bomb n R N Surrender unconditional surrender
      Losing battle Missile destroyer
      MESS military cafeteria n Rock-BOTTOM's lowest
      seed Money Capital
      Principal principal, which can be raised
      sag depression , Fall
      Profiteer speculator, traitors
      The minimum interest rate of bank loans
      red ink deficit, loss
      Ready money cash
      betom trousers flared pants r r r r r
      The 50th anniversary of Julibee
      Jim crow's contempt for black people
      Iron lady refers to the lady of the iron lady
      Tinerant tour
      The general term, intellectual, knowledge, knowledge, knowledge, knowledge Class
      Jack jack top
      Blue moon for thousands of years
      benefit sale, righteous performance, righteous competition
      brainwave inspiration, the idea of ​​suddenly thought of n Honor man N FULL Professor
      Dr. Dotoraate
      alma mater alma mater n academicians
      pony report every day High -priced counterfeit bid
      PEP RALLY mobilization meeting
      pipe dream daydream, imagination
      Pay tv toll television
      plastic operation plastic surgery
      Made man successful people
      manicure nails
      Mad Money Sources message Lingtong person
      hot air bragging, empty talk
      IDIOT BOX (port) TV
      ins an outs roundabout twists and turns, fines
      in-flicht meal air meals n n n ;;

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