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    I got a time ago, and I was also a way to invest. I really invested in tens of thousands of results. I was cheated!


    Sep 23, 2022
    5 thoughts on “I got a time ago, and I was also a way to invest. I really invested in tens of thousands of results. I was cheated!”
    1. In this case, be cautious and cautious
      Puvenal supplementary information:
      . False loan app fraud
      Fraud means: scammers are on the grounds of low thresholds, low interest, and unsecured mortgages. Taking the handling fee, paying deposit, and brush capital flow as an excuse, the victims are guided to provide the bank account payment password, verification code, or request code scan payment to deceive the money.
      The prevention prompt:
      1. It is required to pay "packaging credit fees", "thawing fee", margin and other handling fees must be scammers.
      2. Claim that the bank card funds are insufficient and required to verify the repayment ability must be scammers.
      3. Do not click and scan the strange website link and QR code, let alone fill in the bank card number and password to prevent the bank card from being stolen.
      . Investment and wealth management app fraud
      fraud means:
      1. Temptation. The scammers first use the online platform to release APP investment advertisements such as "foreign exchange, stock", and then use the words "financial experts", "stock trading experts", "gold lecturer", "high returns" and other words to seduce the victims.
      2. Xiaoli seduced the trust. After investors invest on a third -party platform, they will start to make investors a little profit and gain the trust of the victims.
      3. Continue induction. Use false messages such as "internal information" and "big market" to induce them to continue to increase the investment quota.
      4. The fraud was successful and exited the platform. In the end, the situation of "account abnormal" and "frozen" and other situations caused investors to lose their blood. Not only that, some WeChat groups disbanded immediately and disappeared immediately.
      The defense prompt:
      The network investment needs to be cautious. Do not trust the so -called "financial experts", especially if you can bring you "big money" are fraud.
      three, brush order app fraud
      fraud method:
      1. The suspect posted fraud advertisements on social platforms such as QQ and WeChat to refund the principal and obtain commission commission as bait as bait. , Deceive the victims to make orders.
      2. The victim is required to download the "task assistant" app for the victim. In the operation of the victim, it stole the money in the victim's Alipay or borrow money in it.
      3. Then paralyze the victim with reasons such as serial order tasks, rebate system stuck, capital freezing, etc., refused to return the principal and commission, and tricked the victims to continue to increase the funds. Be deceived.
      This reminder:
      1. Keep in mind, the so -called network swipe 100%is fraud, don't trust it!
      2. Any part -time job and order required for cashier are fraud. Do not have the psychology of "greedy small cheap" and "easily making big money". Don't trust the so -called high returns, and don't easily click on strange links.
      3. Find part -time jobs to go to a regular recruitment, intermediary platform or company, and sign a detailed labor contract to protect your legitimate rights and interests.
      4. In case of fraud, they must report to the police in time, and submit the other party's phone numbers, QQ, WeChat, chat history, etc. to the police so that the police can solve the case.

    2. Call the police. It should be noted that the alarm calls in various places are 110, and it will not be other numbers. After the alarm, although there is not much hope of recovering losses, there are just in case of opportunities. 1. Long snack. Don't go to such a fooled in the future. Keep in mind this old saying: "Eat a stingy, grow a wisdom." Don't believe that the pie is anymore. Especially scams such as network K connect H, network A. A and A. 2. Speak your own experience and warn others. Let the good innocent people no longer be deceived. 3. It is important to emphasize that, do not believe that online hackers will find you money for you, all of which will charge you first, and then pull you black. I believe that hackers can find plus cheating money, often the beginning of another scam. 4. If it is Alipay transfer, this is a real -time arrival transaction. Once the payment is successful, the money has entered the account of others and cannot be returned. You can try to contact Alipay staff to feedback the deception. Report the other party's Alipay account and verify that if the verification is true, Alipay will supervise and restrict the opponent's account accordingly, so as not to continue being deceived. 5 · APP refers to a third -party application of smartphones. The more famous application stores include Apple's App Store, Google's Google Play Store, Anzhi Market, and the App World of BlackBerry users, Microsoft, etc. 6 · APP is usually divided into individual user apps and enterprise APPs. The individual user app is for personal consumers, and the enterprise APP is developed for enterprise users. When the Internet enters the era of mobile Internet, many companies and individual developers want to take the Nuggets from it, but most people's attention focuses on the application of individual users and ignores enterprise mobile applications. Nowadays, the competition in the personal market has entered a stage of heat, and its development speed has become slow. In 2013, the market size is expected to be 11.09 billion. In contrast, the enterprise -level market at this time has just started. In 2013, the market size is expected to reach 12.44 billion, and it is developing at a high speed of 50%. In this market environment, third -party services need to solve the problems of both enterprises and developers, and play a effect of two -way demand convergence, marketing distribution, improvement of efficiency, and reduced costs, and can provide corresponding services for both parties. The application factory has played such a role, aggregating upstream and downstream resources and becoming the first one -stop service platform in China.

    3. Wealth management has risks, and investment needs to be cautious. This is a word that everyone knows. But if it is not a loss of wealth management, but that wealth management products are false, we find that we have been deceived after investing. What should I do?
      First, go all out to collect materials.

      If wealth management products generally include a series of information such as issuance time, issuing agency, transaction method, product manual, etc. Even if it is fake financial management, we must collect these materials complete. The related corporate information of the distribution agency finds out the details of the sales, including the looks, names, telephones, etc. of the sales staff, which is convenient for subsequent investigations.
      Secondly, we must cooperate with the police to investigate.

      In found that the funds were cheated, the first time it must be an alarm, and at the same time provided all the materials of their own materials to the police to do the prescribed actions such as transcripts. Attack, you must also cooperate with the bank to check the transaction details.
      Third, we must attract aspiration and learn more about financial management.

      The financial management not only risks, but also thresholds. This threshold is the understanding of wealth management products. Everyone knows that before buying wealth management products in the bank, we will ask for a risk evaluation questionnaire survey. If we meet the conditions of buying wealth management, we can buy it. Therefore, in the future, everyone will eat one 今 所以 所以 所以, and make a question mark on high -interest financial management to ensure that everything is lost.

    4. If you lose money through regular trading venues, pure personal behavior; if you pass the illegal platform, the other party is suspected of illegal operation; if it can prove that the other party can enter the venue through deception, and then eat your funds in a gambling method. The other party constitutes fraud. I am also a victim. Fortunately, my friend recommended a legal aid agency that had successfully helped me recover. It was really lucky.

    5. I am the same as you, as long as you have sufficient evidence to prove whether this funds can be recovered, I have the same situation as you at the time, but it has been recovered. What about your

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