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    How to deal with the investment platform


    Sep 23, 2022
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    1. 1. The investment platform is deceived to find the company's legal representatives, registration information, etc., use legal channels to solve the problem, and can collect evidence, combine the deceived victims, communicate with each other, discuss solutions, collect corresponding evidence, and collect corresponding evidence. Large -scale collective complaints have a great chance of winning.
      2. There are three choices for general reporting cases. One is the company's registration place, the other is the place of incident, and the third is the place where the parties live. As long as these three conditions are met. Investigate all aspects of information, check the quantity of suspected amounts and suspected personnel in order to get back their own property faster, or be able to protect their rights through negotiation.
      3. Article 266 of the Criminal Law stipulates that the fraudulent public and private property, with a large amount, shall be sentenced to imprisonment, detention or control of three years, and a single fine; In the case, it is imprisoned for three years and less than ten years, and a fine; if the amount is particularly huge or other particularly serious, it will be sentenced to more than ten years of imprisonment or life imprisonment, and a fine or confiscation of property.
      This expansion information:
      . Investment () refers to the return of investors to invest a certain amount of funds in the future, and the return of income should be compensated:
      (1) The investment funds are occupied Time;
      (2) The expected inflation rate;
      (3) uncertainty of future income.
      . The investment activities of the enterprise are obviously divided into two categories:
      (1) laid the foundation for the expansion of the enlarged production, that is, the cash of the purchase and construction of fixed assets, intangible assets and other long -term assets; r;
      (2) External expansion, that is, cash for foreign equity and debt payment.
      . Chinese investment varieties
      1, real estate. Many people invest in real estate, and a family buys N suit is waiting for appreciation.
      2, bonds. Bonds include government bonds, financial bonds, and corporate bonds. This is lower than the stock risk, but the income is also low. You can choose to compound interest and interest. Many people cannot buy it. Good reputation, excellent interest rates, and small risks are called "Phnom Penh bonds". The risk of financial bonds is relatively high.
      3, stock. China's stock market dropped from more than 6,000 in 2008 to more than 2,000 in 2011, and its economic growth has not risen. It's right. Some people say that China's stock market is very similar to Japan. It is no longer possible to go up to high points, and it will only continue to linger around 3,000. It may be related to the powerful forces of the Chinese government. There is also the psychology of the Chinese people from fear of things.
      4, precious metal. It has been hot in recent years. "Buying gold in troubled times", in the case of financial crisis, European debt crisis, the world's unstable factors, and in the case of China's inflation, many people have turned to the gold and stable value of the world. Many gold products, such as gold bars, paper gold, gold T D. Many people also do overseas gold through some channels, but it is likely to encounter the black platform, and the company's company on the platform has gone away. The only gold trading agencies recognized by China are Shanghai Gold Exchange. China is relatively hot in stir -fried silver, investing less, and gold has more funds.
      5, fund. Fund refers to a certain amount of funds set up for some purpose. It mainly includes trust investment funds, provident funds, insurance funds, retirement funds, and various foundations. What people usually call funds mainly refer to securities investment funds.

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