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    How can Shumen plus 8 gold diamonds be obtained


    Sep 22, 2022
    One thought on “How can Shumen plus 8 gold diamonds be obtained”
    1. Shumen plus three -color gold diamond 8 is a gift of cumulative consumption activities.
      "Shumen" is a role -playing game based on the Chinese martial arts culture as the background developed by Yun toad Network. It was released in August 2009. The initial name of the game is "Shumen", which is updated after multiple versions of the information "Xin Shu Gate".
      The game is based on martial arts stories. There are six occupations for players to choose from. Each occupation has its own characteristics, and its advantages and disadvantages are obvious. At the same time, there are a variety of copies of gameplay and special activities, and there are props and equipment systems. Players can strengthen, decompose, inlay, etc. according to their own needs to improve equipment performance and role combat capabilities.
      Weapons and equipment:
      This props in "Shumen" are mainly divided into the main magic weapon (weapon), accessories, armor, and three types of equipment. The armor includes chain armor (clothes), belt, wrist, hand guard, knee pads, and boots. The accessories include rings and amulets. The main magic weapon and auxiliary magic weapon, from low to high to high scores into white, green, blue, gold, and dark gold.
      The anti -weapon is white, green, blue, purple, and gold. The quality of quality is reflected in equipment physical defense and spell defense. Purple defense has the concept of set bonus. Each more purple equipment of the same series can be obtained. If you gather 6 pieces of purple sets, you can not only have additional 3 attribute bonuses, but also can also be available. Halo appears in the appearance of the character.
      This of white, green magic weapon equipment and some blue magic weapon equipment can be obtained through tasks, or they can be obtained through copy. Most of the high -quality equipment, such as blue and gold equipment, need to be obtained by challenging the copy of BOSS, challenging the world BOSS, or participating in various activities.

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